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Keis and Javidi articulate a new and fascinating framework for achieving greater results as a leader. All professionals who are striving to find or re-find their footing at work will benefit from the key principles and thought-provoking exercises posed in this powerful, interactive book!

Marshall Goldsmith

Author, New York Times Bestseller, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Deliberate Leadership is a must read! From reading this book I learned a lot about myself—and about leadership—even though I led thousands of soldiers in combat. Countless times I had told leaders they should treat their subordinates the way they wanted me to treat them but, as Ken and Mitch write, leaders should treat people the way they as leaders wish to be treated. First, you must understand yourself and then understand others. Deliberate Leadership will help you do that.

Colonel Ted Spain (Retired)

Author, Breaking Iraq – The Ten Mistakes That Broke Iraq

Deliberate Leadership by Dr. Keis and Dr. Javidi provides the key to the secrets of positive emotional intelligence and the power of influence.  I truly enjoyed learning from this book and plan to share it with our employees worldwide. A must read!.

Vel Dhinagaravel

CEO & President, Beroe, Inc.

The world needs deliberate leaders who are self-aware, values-centred and able to perceive life through other’s ways of knowing so they can credibly influence teams and organizations to achieve shared purposes. Deliberate Leadership shows leaders the what, why and how to acquire core skills, key practices and team strategies to serve with Spirit, life-giving work in the 21st century.

Marilyn Hamilton, PhD, CGA/CPA, CSP

Author of Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive

Some leaders are born, but most are made..”Deliberate Leadership” is critical read for anyone actively seeking to elevate their leadership skills. Keis and Javidi masterfully illustrate how to first understand and then purposefully apply one’s personal leadership style to maximize effectiveness and results, regardless of one’s position or title. The universal truths found in “Deliberate Leadership” should be used as the foundation for any leadership development initiative.

Matt Davis

Global Technology Business Development Executive, RedHat

This book summarizes in a clear and highly accessible way the content of the CRG consultant certification program, plus many useful real live examples to illustrate the value of the Personal Style Indicator (PSI) information and applications. As a consultant and coach who uses the PSI extensively I know I will refer to this book often as I unpack the PSIinformation with my clients. Thanks, Ken and Mitch, for your wonderful contribution to our shared commitment to supporting others to enhance their emotional intelligence and leadership contributions to the world. Your clarity helped me personally appreciate a dynamic I had overlooked in a difficult leadership situation a few months ago. Better late than never!

Thomi Glover, PhD (ABD), MDiv, PCC, CMC

Director, MayneStay Consulting Group Inc

It is seldom the case for me that I will have either the time or the inclination to read a book cover to cover in one sitting.  It is a rare book indeed that will hold my undivided attention to permit such an indulgence. However, Deliberate Leadership did just that.

I have had an interest in this subject throughout my life and have had the honour to have achieved positions of leadership within the military as well as in private enterprise.  I am currently involved in providing leadership programs to Law Enforcement and Regulatory bodies.  It is a subject that many people think that they know and understand and perhaps they do, but equally there are many who do not.  Then there are those that are just setting off on their journey of learning to better their leadership style or to improve their position within their organisation.

One thing that they all have in common is that in order to lead one must have an understanding of oneself.  Once achieved they can progress to understanding others and what followers expect from a leader.  Having achieved that learning and with hard work and lots and lots of practise they may become leaders.

In Deliberate Leadership the authors have written a very easily read and comprehensive guide to becoming a deliberate leader.  Like me, you too will find this book one that is difficult to put down as your curiosity will drive you on to see what is on the next page.  The information provided is sound and based on good science, not just the opinion of a particular person.  I am confident when I say that this book will become an essential part of your study into this most important subject.  It will give you an insight into what your personal style and motivators are. Thereby gaining a greater understanding of oneself and how you relate to others and the environment and the reasons for that.  It goes on to give you an in-depth understanding of other peoples’ personal styles and what makes and motivates them and how they too relate to their environment and why, all essential points in becoming a better leader.

I thoroughly recommend this book to any student of leadership as an essential tool that you will continue to refer to on your journey of learning.

William J Hayes, MBA - Executive President (Global)

The International Academy of Public Safety

Our world is ready for people who are ready to step up and drop their cloak of invisibility to be seen as a deliberate leader, as has been eloquently described on these pages. Deliberate Leadership captures the depths of what each of us must learn about ourselves and others, so that we can model and lead from our Body, Mind & Soul connection.

Jan H. Stringer, President & Founder

PerfectCustomers, Inc.

I have been involved with the CRG team for a number of years; few organizations I have come across have brought the essence of how deliberate “self-awareness” contributes to being an enlightened leader. As business leaders, we should not ignore the power, elegance and simplicity of this insight. Having facilitated to hundreds of leaders over the years using Personal Style as the cornerstone, it never ceases to amaze me how years later these same leaders reflect on the deep learning and knowledge they retained and how they were able to apply it over the years. Deliberate Leadershipcreates that roadmap for those of us who need to be reminded how understanding our style enables us to truly connect to others as individuals and leaders.

Cathy Tait, CMC

Senior Consultant, Western Management Consultant

Keis and Javidi have developed a veritable and remarkably comprehensive volume that explores deliberate leadership and the centrality of purpose. Replete with mini-vignettes and personal experiences the authors send a poignant and powerful message about the importance of honoring the integrity of natural predispositions of leaders and followers. Readers would benefit from the concepts examined including self-awareness, values systems, credibility, influence, social learning processes, and the spiritual dimension of leadership. Although written for institutional and organizational leaders this book should be on the desk of all those with a vested interest in personal and professional growth and development.

Anthony H. Normore, Ph.D

Professor of Educational Leadership, California State University System

Mitch and Ken have put into print the ideas and advice that every hidden leader needs to hear and apply. Ideas around credibility, personal awareness, being open to listening to different individuals’ perspectives, and most importantly, understanding oneself and the inherent strengths and weaknesses that we bring to the table. Their book is written in an easy-to-read format, with references to research that builds a solid basis for reflection and direction. The insights apply to anyone who aspires to improve their interaction with the people around them at work, at home, and in the community.

Rob Handfield, Ph.D.

Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management

Many books today offer tools for developing leadership. Deliberate Leadership by Keis and Javidi offers much more. This book is creatively assembled and comprehensive in its information, while being readable and practical. I have personally known Ken Keis for several years and his grasp of Personal Style is masterful, encourages awareness of strengths and unique attributes that everyone has available. In Deliberate Leadership, the authors delineate key ingredients, tools, research, and techniques to help develop leadership on purpose. I have long believed that leadership is an activity and not just a position. This book allows anyone wanting to be a better leader in various roles in their life to find the wisdom and practical steps of developing leadership skills deliberately.

Dr. Patrick Williams, MCC - Director of Training – Life Coach Training

Hon VP, International Society for Coaching Psychology

Ken Keis and Mitch Javidi thoughtfully introduce a new perspective to the worldwide leadership development conversation by embracing self-awareness as a critical component of successful and effective leadership. The value and importance of each individual’s uniquely developed leadership styles are greatly honored, with the inspiring hope of developing “purposefully wise” and “diplomatic” leaders. Capturing the power of the Personal Style Model and tools and the authors’ passion and presentations, one is moved, inspired and encouraged.

Rich Feller, Ph.D.

Professor and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar, Colorado State University Past President of the National Career Development Association

With Deliberate Leadership, Keis and Javidi have artfully bridged the management science of leadership to its practical application. They lead readers through an exercise of introspection and guide us to succeed as only we can do ourselves.

Curtis Andrews, Chief Commercial Officer

Greer Laboratories, Inc.

The book that Ken Keis and Mitch Javidi have written is a very useful tool for leaders who want to develop. There have been many books written in the subject, but few books provide such a practical guide to how to learn to reach your full potential as a leader. The most important thing for a leader is to communicate. The book offers theoretical background and practical guidance, why and how leaders must learn to master their style, and understand others’ styles to become the credible leader that many want to become.

Karin and Mikael Berggren

MMD Consulting AB, Sweden


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