Leadership is the single most important factor in accomplishing success in everything we do. As elegantly argued by many authors, practitioners, and scholars, Leadership is, without a doubt, the pillar that bears the largest load. If this collapses, the structure will collapse – and this applies both personally and professionally. Deliberate leadership is about being self-aware enough so that you can be – purposefully wise, diplomatic, and intentional with competence, embracing the values (and behaviors) of accountability, reliability, responsibility, while being amiable, diligent, pro-active, imaginative, self-starting, humble, and focused. Admittedly, there are hundreds of other definitions of leadership; they all vary somewhat in orientation, but most imply that the leadership process contains the element of influence, which is situational, in constant flux, and could be directed towards individuals, team.

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“Keis and Javidi articulate a new and fascinating framework for achieving greater results as a leader. All professionals who are striving to find or re-find their footing at work will benefit from the key principles and thought-provoking exercises posed in this powerful, interactive book!”

Marshall Goldsmith
Author, New York Times Bestseller, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

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