Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.

Vince Lombardi

Many people wander through life without direction, not knowing that powerful wisdom is available to help them lead purposely and of course deliberately through their personal style – while intentionally understanding the differences (personal styles) in the others we lead, those who lead us and all other relationships that we have in our life.

Our goal is to have each and every one who reads this book acknowledge, appreciate, and most of all honor the uniqueness we each bring to leadership – deliberately.  We were born 6539 miles apart into completely different cultures, and yet our upbringing is astonishingly akin. Just as you may have experienced growing up, our families and schools did not appreciate who we were naturally. They never took the time to understand our personalities and more important our “Personal Styles.” It is our personal styles that have made each and every one of us unique and different. We were not born as natural leaders, yet we were frequently told to behave as leaders. Not accepted for our personal natural dispositions, we were continuously criticized for our behavior and style of leadership, both as leaders of ourselves and others.

Ken would hear these comments.

  • Ken, will you stop talking!
  • Kids are to be seen not heard.
  • Why don’t you slow down and show more patience like the
    rest of us?
  • Why aren’t you more sensitive and detail-oriented?
  • Why do you talk so much?

Mitch would hear these comments.

  • Mitch, will you get in there?!  Come on, dribble the ball, pass
    the ball, shoot the ball.
  • You are not leading this team very well; will you get with it!
  • Just do as I ask; stop questioning everything!
  • When will you ever learn to take charge?
  • What’s wrong with you?

Hardly the environment to create inspirational leaders – or leadership of any kind, for that matter.

Because we both experienced these negative, critical, and unsupportive environments, insecurity set in at an early age.  We grew up questioning whether we were good enough or even acceptable at all!

Our minds were full of doubt and lack of confidence.

However, in spite of these less – than – desirable backgrounds, we were both able to push through to learn the critical knowledge about self-mastery and leadership of others to truly begin to make a difference as individuals and professionals.

Unfortunately, our story is not unique. The plight of many leaders – perhaps including yourself or people you have led or lead you (personally and professionally) – are dealing with the negative impact of not being accepted for who you truly are. This requires acknowledging the needs and uniqueness of all those who are in your life this very moment.

It does not matter if you lead people or not. You have been created with a unique “Personal Style” – preferences that frame the way you operate and how you influence those around you but, most important how you even lead yourself.

Only through the awareness of our own distinctiveness can we deliberately and purposefully lead for success.

We are all distinctive and different. We will endeavor to show you how to see the best in what others have to offer, and how to work harmoniously with people who think and behave differently than you do.  This includes your friends, families, colleagues, subordinates, supervisors, and the public in general.

This book will actively guide you to lead and influence with purpose, while helping those around you to do the same for increased success.

Thank you for the privilege of assisting you. May the insight and knowledge transform your Leadership to Create Success in Self and Others!