Leadership is one of the most frequently discussed and written about topics. There are more than 30,000 books written on the subject, and it has spawned an entire industry of management gurus that profess to know the secrets of great leadership. Our workplace has radically changed in the past couple of decades. Constraining economic forces coupled with concerns about employee engagement, productivity, and well-being has placed a premium on selecting and developing the best leaders for our organizations. And there is clear evidence that shows we are in the midst of a crisis in leadership.

This is why it is critical to gain a fuller understanding of what makes for great leaders. Ken Keis’s and Mitch Javidi’s Deliberate Leadership, makes an invaluable contribution to advancing our understanding of how to develop effective and successful leaders. Ken’s previous book, Why Aren’t You More Like Me, is an important resource for leaders, consultants, HR specialists and coaches in assisting them in working successfully with their clients, colleagues, and employees. The book and CRG assessments have been foundational tools that I use with my clients, especially leaders, to assist in their success.

Deliberate Leadership provides a much-welcomed expansive understanding of the link between leadership behavior, competences, and key elements such as self-awareness, self-management, values, and personal style. Ken and Mitch have integrated the best insights from leadership research into a highly readable and imminently invaluable resource.

Deliberate Leadership is essential for practicing professionals dedicated to understanding leadership while assisting leaders in becoming the best they can be. It is crucial insights and strategies for leaders, in any role, from frontline supervisors, officers, business owners, to pastors and CEO’s of the world’s largest organizations.

Deliberate Leadership is an important part of my leadership development assets.

Dr. Ray Williams, Master Certified Coach
President, Ray Williams Associates
Canada’s Top CEO Coach
Author of Breaking Bad Habits,
Eye of the Storm: How Mindful Leaders Create Mindful Workplaces
and co-contributor of the Best Seller, Ready, Aim, Influence